The London Healthy Urban Development Unit (HUDU) helps to create healthy sustainable communities and ensure that new developments are planned with health in mind.

HUDU works with local, London wide and national organisations on behalf of the NHS. We provide specialist expertise and advice to enable the health and planning sectors to work together effectively to improve the health and wellbeing of London’s diverse communities.

Approximately, 66,000 new homes will need to be built each year in London to accommodate the projected growth in population and address housing need. This creates enormous challenges and opportunities to improve services and facilities to meet changing healthcare needs.

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Latest news

New London Plan published
The new London Plan published in March 2021 provides the policy framework shaping how London evolves over the next 20 years. HUDU contributed... read more >

Developer contributions – significant changes to regulations
Developers may be asked to provide contributions for infrastructure in different ways. Planning obligations, known as section 106 (s106) agreements are legal obligations... read more >
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