Greenwich Local Plan Consultation

The latest version of Greenwich’s new local plan for the Borough has recently been out to public consultation. The next stage will be to submit the plan to the Secretary of State, followed by an Examination in Public. The Council expects to adopt a final version of the Plan by the end of the year.

In a review of Borough Core Strategies earlier this year, the emerging Greenwich Plan was identified by HUDU as a good practice example of the integration of health into a local plan document – see Integrating Health into Local Plans: an assessment of London Borough Core Strategies.

Greenwich’s latest consultation document – its Core Strategy with Development Management Policies (Proposed Submission Version) – contains a specific section and policies on Cohesive and Healthy Communities in the Strategic and Development Policies chapter. Policy CH2 on Healthy Communities seeks ensure that all development allows and enables residents to lead more healthy and active lifestyles and sets out a series of measures that will help build healthier communities and address health inequalities.

The full document can be accessed here

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