Health and the Role of Town Centres in London

The importance of considering healthcare provision when planning for town centres has been emphasised in the Mayor’s latest London Plan Supplementary Planning Guidance consultation on Town Centres.

The consultation closed on 31 May 2013.

The Draft Guidance includes specific recognition for the role town centres can play as community hubs and the direct contribution they can make towards promoting and achieving healthy and lifetime neighbourhoods, for example, providing an accessible range of facilities including healthcare (Section 4.2 Healthy and Lifetime Neighbourhoods).

Other opportunities to promote healthier lifestyles and environment are also covered, for example, access to fresh food, improving connectivity by walking and cycling, leisure facility and open space provision and mitigating the potential adverse impacts of climate change, poor air quality and construction activity.

A copy of the Draft Guidance can be found here

A copy of HUDU’s response to the consultation can be found here

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