NHS England publishes its Business Case Approval Process for capital investment projects

NHS England has today published its Business Case Approvals Process for Capital Investment, Property, Equipment and ICT guidance.

The document sets out the guiding principles, rules of delegation and underpinning processes which NHS England will apply where approval/authority is to be sought:

  • to permit capital expenditure by NHS England;
  • to enter into any leasing arrangements by NHS England for land, buildings and/or equipment
  • for NHS England to enter into commissioning commitments which underpin the revenue implications of a third party, such as NHS Property Services Ltd (NHSPS), Community Health Partnerships Ltd (CHP) or NHS provider Trusts investing capital, or entering into lease commitments. Examples of commissioner commitments include support to an investment by NHS PS of discretionary capital, a LIFT or PFI scheme, or a public funded development whether or not driven by wider service change or reconfiguration.

In this context, NHS England includes Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) and all other organisations hosted by NHS England.

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