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Health Infrastructure Planning

Health Infrastructure Planning covers a wide range of activities – from broad strategic assessments of the health and other infrastructure needed to support population growth at say London Borough level to the development of detailed estate plans and the design of specific facilities.

It can also cover how planning and development can contribute to broader health objectives – usually through some form of health impact assessment – whether of a policy or strategy, or of a specific development, area masterplan or neighbourhood plan.

HUDU is able to help support these processes in a number of ways including planning at a broad level for new health infrastructure, or undertaking more specific or local assessments and ensuring that appropriate developer contributions are secured  through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) system or the use of s106 agreements .

Specific tools include the HUDU model, as well as our broader capability to link planning and health estate information in different ways through, for example, the use of GIS (geographic information systems) and other analytical tools which facilitate planning and assessment at different geographical scales – see Information & Analysis.

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