HUDU Model Guidance Notes

HUDU Model

The HUDU Planning Contributions Model is a comprehensive tool to assess the health service requirements and cost impacts of new residential developments. The model is licensed by HUDU for use within the NHS.

The model uses a range of assumptions based on the most up to date information available. However, users can also manually adjust or input new assumptions – for example, where a Borough may have carried out a recent survey of the population characteristics of new residential developments occurring in an area.

The model calculates:

  • The net increase in population resulting from new development
  • Health activity levels
  • Primary healthcare needs (GPs and community health facilities)
  • Hospital beds and floor space requirements
  • Other healthcare floorspace
  • Capital and revenue cost impacts

This information can then be used to influence the planning process via S106 planning negotiations or CIL and to gain necessary resources for health improvements or expansion.

The HUDU model is regularly updated and improved. It has recently been upgraded with new functionality which enables different development, grouped development, housing trajectory and population profiles to be tested. The upgrade also makes the process of updating the model’s baseline demographic, health activity and other data easier.

The model is primarily licenced to NHS and local authority users. To obtain a licence and/or to find out more about the model please contact HUDU either by email or phone.

Licensed users can access the new model and its associated Guidance Notes here.