Promoting place-based public health systems

Promoting place-based public health systems is at the heart of Public Health England’s recently published Our Priorities for 2013/14.

The document recognises that “local action will drive sustainable change in the public’s health” and sets out 5 high level outcome-focused priorities.

These are to be underpinned by a place based programme which aims to:-

  • Make the business case for promoting wellbeing, prevention and early intervention as the best approaches to improving health and wellbeing at a time of austerity for public services.
  • Partner NHS England to maximise the NHS’ impact on improving the public’s health by: creating a joint narrative for health and wellbeing boards; ensuring planning and commissioning in health and care reflects national and local priorities; making nationally visible the health needs of those on the margins and otherwise overlooked; and working together on effective quality surveillance.
  • Implement the public health workforce strategy and develop the PHE workforce to ensure: the continued development of directors of public health and public health professionals across the system; the public health skills needed to support Making Every Contact Count; and the development of PHE’s specialist and support workforce.
  • Ensure that we use data and information across the public health system to measure what we do, quantify from the outset the benefits of the new public health system and demonstrate value for money.

HUDU is participating in the development of the programme to help share knowledge and experience about good practice examples of how planning and health can work together effectively to help achieve improved health outcomes for local populations.

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