Revised Early Minor Alterations to the London Plan published

The Mayor has published his Revised Early Minor Alterations to the London Plan this month.

These Alterations, first published for public consultation in February 2012, deal with changes to Government policy and other developments (such as publication of the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework) that happened too late to be taken into account in the London Plan published on 22 July 2011.

Whilst these Alterations do not make changes to any of the key policies on health in the Plan (notably Policies 3.2 and 3.17) they do update relevant sections of supporting text to the policies – notably to reflect the more recent position on the Government’s health and social care reforms.

The Revised Early Minor Alterations are now operative – with effect from 11 October 2013 – as formal alterations to the London Plan (the Mayor’s spatial development strategy) and form part of the development plan for Greater London.

If you want to know more about Alterations click here or to download the document click here

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