Promoting Healthy Communities

Promoting healthy communities is at the heart of planning policy, and there are many ways in which the planning system can be used to achieve broader health outcomes as well as improve health infrastructure.

The specific ways in which planning policy and the development process can be used to achieve improvements in health services and health infrastructure are included under the Our Services sections of the web site.

The web pages in this section look at the wider context to health planning and focus on the relationship between planning, public health and broader health and healthcare considerations. They also highlight how the different but inter-related professions – planners, public health professionals, health commissioners and many others – need to work together to achieve healthy environments and lifestyles and improved health outcomes:

  • Healthy places and communities
  • Wider determinants of health
  • Tackling health inequalities
  • Public health
  • Health and Wellbeing strategies
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs)
  • Health service commissioning
  • Health facilities
  • Integrating health and social care