NPPF consultation closing 2nd March 2023

The Government is consulting on proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework. Consultation runs for 10 weeks closing on the 2nd March 2023.

The topic of the consultation set out at the beginning of the document includes “proposed approach to updating to the National Planning Policy Framework. We are also seeking views on our proposed approach to preparing National Development Management Policies, how we might develop policy to support levelling up, and how national planning policy is currently accessed by users”.

The changes currently proposed are limited in their extent with a more substantial review promised at a later stage. The HUDU team will be working with the London Integrated Care Boards to respond to the consultation and the final response will be published on our website. We welcome partners sharing their view on the proposed changes and particularly how they support improving health and wellbeing and addressing health inequalities, and what further changes might be included to this end.

You can learn more about the NPPF consultation here.

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