Project Population Growth in London
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Map of Large GP Practises in London
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Information & Analysis

Evidence-based policy and practice is central to both the planning system and the development and implementation of health policies, strategies and interventions.

“Each local planning authority should ensure that the Local Plan is based on adequate, up-to-date and relevant evidence about the economic, social and environmental characteristics and prospects of the area.”
National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012).

Local authorities must produce an annual monitoring report on the implementation of their Local Development Schemes and the extent to which progress is being achieved. They will also need to report annually on how Community Infrastructure Levy receipts are being used.

“Public health professionals have an important role to play in ensuring NHS services are designed to meet the needs of the whole population and are based on the best available evidence.”
Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Update and way forward White Paper (July 2011)

As well as the outcomes frameworks for the NHS and Public Health, health and wellbeing strategies need to be supported by an evidence base set out in a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

What we monitor and how we can help.